Thursday, 3 May 2018

Life In The Basement... LMAOOOoo

...sitting in the basement, watching Game 4 between
Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators.
(the SECOND round is where it starts to get exciting !)

So much happening in life, I can’t even begin to catch up
on this blog, but I’ll try, Hell or high water...

Since the first week in December (it’s now May 3rd), I’ve dropped close to
54lbs (down to 264.2lbs from... King Kong Bundy !)
It FEELS good ! Weight Watchers has been a blessing !

Heading to Toronto tomorrow, having dinner at a friends’ place,
then driving back home the same night ! (only 3hrs, right?)
I’ve ordered a paper Birch clump from Saugeen Township, and
have to be home for delivery AND planting... Then, I get to
drive BACK to Toronto for the Sports Card and Memorabilia
Show at the International Centre... worth it, gonna get my Habs
jersey auto’d by six Stanley Cup winners from the Montreal
Canadiens !

It’ll be great to hang out with Dad, albeit for ONE day, but I’ll
be back in T.O. the following weekend for a gig at the Cadillac
Lounge with my band, Gideon and the False Idols !
Finally, a nighttime show on a Saturday.., guess we MADE it...
After nearly 27 YEARS, I’d bet on it LMAOOOoo

Back to Hockey Night In Canada 🇨🇦 ! Cheers !

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